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In their natural play, children build an individual bridge from their inborn mathematical understanding to the formal language of maths.

Let's visit Numberland

An emotive, playful early math concept on numeracy+

We define 'numeracy+'  as the conceptual understanding of numbers/shapes PLUS language and literacy PLUS relevant soft skills PLUS not compromising a child's natural development.

Research based. Can be individually and creatively applied in any pre-primary, preschool, reception, pre-k, kindergarten, at home.

Welcome to Numberland!

                      visit numberland barbara schindelhauer
             zahlenland'Let's visit Numberland' is an embracing, open and proven early years concept for children as of 4 years, contributing to numeracy, literacy, and important skills. The concept is individually applied by teachers in preschool, reception class, pre-k or kindergarten, and by parents at home.  Numberland's success has been proven both scientifically and in practice. Due to its flexibility and because children all over the world have a lot in common, 'Numberland' started to find its way from Germany to other countries.
We feel honored to be approached by professionals from other countries who regard 'Let's visit Numberland' a valuable contribution to a good social and academic development of their children. These people work with Numberland themselves and help to communicate the concept within their languages.
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Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you.
Research based

'Let's visit Numberland' is the outcome of a research project showing that children (age 3 to under 6 years) gained one year within only ten weeks - both in maths relevant thinking and in language - and no matter the children's socio-economic background.  The study was published in 2006 in a peer-reviewed journal.

Institutions in the following countries are working with Numberland

Brazil, Chile, China, Estonia, Germany, Israel, Middle East, Poland, Romania, Turkey, UK, USA and in various German Schools all over the world (e.g. Peru, Russia, South Africa, Thailand)

Our handbook has been published in the following languages:

English, Estonian, German, Polish, Dutch. Further adaptations are in preparation.


Please contact directly, or refer to our international contact list.

Keywords: math, numbers, learn early numbers, numeracy skills, preschool, kindergarten activities, playful, early years, language, numberland

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