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My Cut&Play Numberland
A magical land full of mathematics in a child-relevant context
Numbers – Shapes – Patterns – Colours – Roleplay

Children love (role)play which is their natural way of learning. Our cut&play activity with its strong appeal to children is packed with mathematical details in a child-relevant context. Children can expand on their creativity and imagination.

In addition to the instruction sheet coming with each set, we would like to make additional suggesitons here.

7 sheets A4 for cutting and folding, 1 board A3, instructions.
Available as of August 2018 via, so far only with PayPal (more to come).
ifvl Waldkirch 2018, ISBN 978-3-947543-01-4, for children as of
3 years.

RRP 5 Euro/Set plus postage (3,70 Euros worldwide shipping; 1,45 within Germany for up to 2 sets)

Some Suggestions for Roleplay

We would like to share some ideas children spontaneously came up with when playing with the activity:

  • The children buy and sell Numberland real estate, build houses on the properties, have the numbers move in and decorate each home with different things (of course matching the number).
  •  müssen.
  • Items are being delivered by vehicles or by the postman.
  • The numbers visit each other, have a chat over the garden fence, mow their loan.
  • The numbers plant fruits and vegetables in their beds (play dough, counters...), which they have purchased in the shop or on the market. Harvesting, preparing and a joint meal is also part of the fun!
  • Numberlane is splendid for a walk or drive forward and backwards - unless that cheeky person (once again) has mixed the tiles or messed up something else!

Game : Who is the First to Finish?

The numbers want to build a beautiful, pleasant town: a cosy house for each number with a neat garden, a lane to walk around...

If only there wasn't this mischievous person! (The children can give him a name) He is always up for some trouble or nonsense and enjoys annoying the numbers. This is why he disturbs the numbers whenever possible. Yet the numbers long for nothing more but a well organised, beautiful home!

What we need:
A3 board, the number characters and their number houses, Number Lane 0 to 10, the little troublemaker, a die

As an alternative to the die, you may also use 6 coins

To be continued very soon...


Copyright: Barbara Schindelhauer