A place to just play - yet with amazing effects

Don't push children.
Provide an appropriate setting
and the outcome will be great.

Let's visit Numberland

An imaginative place to just play - and efficiently learn as a side effect.
A research project led to this emotional, playful math concept on numeracy, language and important soft skills.

In their natural play, children build their individual bridge from their inborn mathematical understanding to the formal language of math.



Each child is born with an intuitive mathematical understanding
and each child is interested in math. Let's visit Numberland helps ALL children build a solid and emotional bridge to the formal language of math used in school, professions, daily life. Focus is on numeracy skills in terms of a thorough, well structured understanding of all aspects of the basic numbers 0 to 10 (quantity, order, geometric shapes etc.) and the number symbols up to 20.

The concept is the outcome of a research project, carried out in Germany from 2003 to 2005. Objective was to find out whether combining findings from brain research, developtmental psychology elementary pedagogics, and math into an emotional and imaginative, open and playful concept had significant effects on learning. And it had: Friedrich/Munz proved that within only ten weeks children aged 3 to 6 gained the mathematical competence and understanding they would have normally achieved only within one year. The same was true for language skills. The University of Heidelberg confirmed the findings in a second study from 2005 to 2009.

Let's visit Numberland is an imaginative, playful and, therefore, highly efficient and motivating yet very down-to-earth concept on numeracy. It is consequently designed from a child's perspective: How do they see the world? What can they build on? How do they think? What do they need and like?

The Concept
On their fantastic, cheerful journey to Numberland, the children meet the numbers One to Ten as nice, living characters who motivate them to deal with mathematical aspects and coherences. The children build and furnish gardens with housese and towers for the numbers in Number Town, and move on Number Lane. There are lots of active games, music and tales, a goblin messing around and a fairy, as well as other things children love.

As an open concept, Numberland is a non-prescriptive programme, providing a motivating and structuring frame. Both children and staff are encouraged to bring in own ideas and matching activities. The teachers may easily adapt it to individual needs and age brackets.

Our concept has found wide acceptance in Germany since we have initiated it in 2003. Throughout the years we have been enjoying the many benefits children, also our own, got out of Numberland. These benefits go well beyond an enduring and thorough understanding of the basic numbers. They additionally comprise language competence and soft skills such as concentration, cognition, social and motor skills, creative and music skills. It is great to see how much Numberland supports teachers and educational staff in their work.

Numberland started to find its way throughout Europe, the USA, and other countries.

Read more about the Numberland concept and elements.

Any interest or support is highly appreciated!
Because math is a universal language and 'Numberland' is efficient and flexible, we would like to share our concept with you.

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Barbara Schindelhauer

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Dr. habil. Gerhard Friedrich
PhD in Pedagogics, math teacher

Invented 'Let's visit Numberland'
Led research-study


Viola de Galgóczy

University degree in vocal arts, teacher for vocal arts, vocalist

Wrote the stories and composed the Numberland songs

These gentlemen in Texas are having fun exploring and discussing all about Number One.
All materials are self-made and all-day materials and toys are brought in.

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I have never seen children so excited and motivated to learn about numbers as with Numberland.

(C. Hauer-Berry, teacher in Texas/USA)

This program has surpassed my biggest expectations. I had no idea that it would make such a big impact on our children. I know that we are providing our children with a strong foundation through Numberland.
(D. Hess, PreK teacher in Texas/USA)

'I am sure that Numberland will fit in very well with our Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum for Mathematics.'
(L. Macdonald, nursery teacher in the UK)

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Details on the concept
Learn more about the elements of Numberland

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Handbook and Materials

Numberland' can be easily realized with self-constructed and existing materials. In addition, a range of long lasting materials with a high stimulative nature is available from the Wehrfritz/ HABA company.


Research findings

Within only ten weeks, children of all backgrounds joining a Numberland project gained the knowledge of one entire year - and simultaneously developed their language skills:



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*  Summary of the research results (pdf, 274 KB)
*  Full article on the research study (Translation of the article published in German journal) (pdf, 2 MB)

Short presentation 

... from a key note speach, given at the Delta Kappa Gamma Conference Baden Baden 2011

About us
... who we are, how Numberland came about, our motivation

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