Let's visit Numberland
Conferences - Congresses   

2016, 27 Sept., Lodz, Poland

Erasmus+ project 'CLIL Bilingual Education a Step Ahead', 2014 - 2016

Partners: Poland, Romania, Greece, Turkey. 'Numberland' as best practice approach being applied in Kindergarten 206 and in Kindergarten 156 in Lodz/Poland.

'Numberland' workshop held by Barbara Schindelhauer during the closing conference.


2015, 29 Sept. - 2 Oct., Santiago de Chile, Chile

2. Andiner Deutschlehrerkongress / Congress of Teachers of German as a Foreign Language
Workshop on 'Let's visit Numberland - learning a second language with the help of maths' by Barbara Schindelhauer


2014, 14-17 April, University of Nottingham, UK

BCME8 - British Congress of Mathematics Education

Session 'Let’s visit Numberland – an emotive, story based and practical contribution to numeracy and literacy'


2013, March 12-14, Leipzig, Germany

Prepare for Life! - Raising Awareness for Early Literacy Education

International conference by Reading Worldwide / Stiftung Lesen, Mainz, Germany

Session on the contribution of Numberland to both maths and literacy, held by Barbara Schindelhauer.

Conference proceedings:
Gerhard Friedrich, Barbara Schindelhauer (2014). Let’s visit Numberland: An Emotive, Story-based Contribution to Numeracy and Literacy Development.
In: Jörg F. Maas, Simone C. Emig, Carolin Seelmann (eds.). Prepare for Life! Raising Awareness for Early Literacy Education. Results and Implications of the International Conference of Experts 2013. Stiftung Lesen 2014 (pp. 79-85)

Free download of the e-book: http://www.readingworldwide.com/conference

2011, 4 - 6 Aug., Baden-Baden, Germany

European Regional Conference of the international Delta Kappa Gamma Society

Keynote and workshop on Numberland, given by Barbara Schindelhauer.