Let's visit Numberland

February 2019
HOLA Número 5!  Numbers AND German at the Austrian international school in Guatemalavisit numberland
The Instituto Austriaco Guatemalteco in Guatemala City faces the challenge to prepare mostly Spanish speaking children for the bilingual curriculum. Barbara Schindelhauer was invited to provide a hands-on training to the German and Spanish team, as well as guests from other institutions. A major part were fieldtrips to Numberland with the children: Purely German speaking Number 5 introduced the children to Numberland - and off they went, having a great time building, decorating, playing, helping each other, reasoning which garden the little toy cow could enter to get some food. What a happy mix of Spanish and German!  If only Hodgey Podgey had not stolen the NumberLane in the meantime! There was a little adventure, before the children could rebuild Number Lane and leave, counting backwards, to finally receive their little present ...

September 2018
CUT - FOLD - PLAY!  A low cost, yet fun and complete Numberland activity

We are in love with our newly developed, self-printed activity which allows children to cut out and fold their own small Numberland. It is all there: the jolly number characters 0 to 10, their houses, gardens, flowerbeds, Number Lane 0 to 10, plus an A4 board and instruction sheet. Children can play away in their Number Town, or play it as a board games - there are lots of ideas. But always do the children experience all relevant aspects of numbers in a child relevant context yet mathematically thought through to provide the crucial number sense.

Following our mission to make Numberland widely available, we are giving the activity away for little money. However, we do not compromise on the quality, be it the combination of jolly comic style drawings with brilliant acrylic paintings as background colours or the beautiful glossy paper.


August 2018

Zara Cifrelor: Numberland goes Romania

The German charity organisation Hoffnung für eine neue Generation supports people in Romania, i.a. by running private kindergartens. 90 teachers from all over Romania and even Moldavia attended the 5 days annual training near Timisoara. It was easy for Barbara Schindelhauer to spark interest in Numberland so that after the theory, all the planning on how to adapt and go about Numberland started in workshops. On top, the relevant resources for all 40 kindergartens were all self-made on spot from donated materials. 90 teachers left, beaming with ideas, songs and stories...

October 2017

Let's visit Numberland in China - and a visit in return

Let's visit Numberland in China - and a visit in return  During her two weeks visit During her two weeks visit to Shanghai and Beijing, Barbara Schindelhauer and her Chiniese partner Echo Chen from ÖULE Educational Consultancy presented Numberland to teachers in several workshops. There was also a joint presentation and seminar at the Shanghai Toy Fair.  The feedback could not have been more encouraging: 'This concept will change the way we are teaching mathematics to our children', stated the head of Sunflower kindergartens who look after 2.000 children in their total 10 Beijing branches. The cross-curricular potential and combination with approaches such as Montessori were also acknowledged .

In return, Echo led a Chinese delegation to the integrative kindergarten St. Johannis in Uffenheim, Germany. The visi
tors joined the children on their trip to Number Two and shared some German, Chinese, and
English words when jointly decorating the garden.


June 2017
Fun training at Strahmore Infant & Nursery School, Hitchin, Hertfordshire

Following a first most joyful Numberland project which had also taken the children outside,
the school organised a Numberland training to learn more details and to share with other schools.
It was fantastic so see the enthusiasm and creativity of the teachers who agreed that Numberland is a helpful concept.


February 2017
Read & Treat: Get our hands-on guide to Numberland at a flat rate (up to 25% discount)

Understand how this child-focused, field, and research proven concept works, and a bucket full of ideas on how to go about it, including stories, songs (CD) plus free stuff.  18 GBP/Euros/USD incl. international p&p (worth up to 25% discount) when paying with PayPal. Valid until March 25, 2017.
Please email

Please note the book is also available on amazon.co.uk and on amazon.de

November 2016
Want to participate in a hands-on Numberland training this November?

South Hunsley Primary School has been working with Numberland since September 2015 when the school opened. They are now organising a hands-on Numberland training from 1 to 4.30pm with Barbara Schindelhauer as trainer. The school charges 50 GBP per person including the handbook (value 17,90 GBP).

Are you interested? Please contact the school directly: www.hunsleyprimary.org.uk or email barbara@numberland.net

October 2016
Numberland visitors from China!

Echo and Chris came over from Beijing and visited Barbara to learn more about Numberland. Echo had started to apply Numberland in her Learning Centre with much positive response.

Children at a Kindergarten in Waldkirch proudly took their guests on a visit to Numberland and gave them a good grasp of the project. On our trip to the Haba company, Heidelberg Castle was a must.

It was fantastic to have Echo and Chris, so very much looking forward to our future cooperation!

September 2016
Numberland applied in Polish kindergartens as part of Erasmus+
project 'CLIL Bilingual Education A Step

During this Erasmus+ project institutions in Poland, Romania, Greece, and Turkey had shared and developed ideas on how children can acquire English while exploring topics. 'Let's visit Numberland' proved to be a highly appreciated tool.

Barbara Schindelhauer presented the concept on the final conference in Lodz/Poland and enjoyed the hospitality of Kindergarten 206 in Lodz, where the children made a visit to Number 8.

Looking forward to further talk about the ideas developed during the conference...

June 2016
Teachers in the UK happy with Numberland training

Nursery and primary teachers of the Longridge, Preston (UK) Cluster attended a hands-on training on invitation of St. Wilfrid's RC Primary school.
John McHugh (Headteacher) commented on Facebook: 'On behalf of The Longridge Cluster, thank you Barbara for such excellent training. We can't wait to get Numberland started here at St Wilf's in our Nursery and Reception Class!' Also the other schools went straight into first planning for the new term at the end of the training.
We are looking forward to further cooperation.

May 2016

English Reception Children and their Teachers inspired

Recently, we received a most encouraging feedback from Hunsley Primary, North Ferriby on their experiences with Numberland in reception: 'On first encountering Numberland's houses and gardens, the children's faces said it all - you often strive for awe and wonder in Early Year settings and it clearly appeared that day.'
Read the full feedback (testimonials).

March 2016
Numberland part of Erasmus+ project on bilingual education with CLIL method

As part of the project running in Belgium, Greece, Poland, and Turkey, Numberland was successfully applied in a Polish kindergarten.

Download the entire good practice catalogue (12,3MB) or the information on Numberland (1,4MB) only.

Oktober 2015

Congress on German as a foreign language in Santiago de Chile

Teachers of German as a foreign language from all over South America attended the Andenkongress 2015 'einFach Deutsch'. Barbara Schindelhauer gave a workshop on 'Early learning of a foreign language with help of maths': 'In my workshop I could bring in my freshly made experiences from Sao Paulo/Brazil. There I had trained the teachers of three German schools working with a bilingual concept. I also had the delightful opportunity to travel to Numberland with the 4 and 5 years old children of Colégio Humboldt.'

September 2015
'Let's visit Numberland' in Brazil: bi-linguality
Numberland is attractive for schools with a bi-lingual approach. Bettina Prall, kindergarten teacher at German Colégio Humboldt, Sao Paulo/Brasil had started travelling to Numberland with her 4years-old children in Spring 2015 with much fun and success. Her visit to Germany was the start of Numberland South America.
On invitation of Colégio Humboldt and the two schools of Porto Seguro, Barbara Schindelhauer gave trainings to the staff in September 2015. She also had a fabulous time with all eight groups of the 4- and the 5-years-old children at Colégio Humboldt, exploring Numberland on bi-lingual trips with them.

One of the boys was so fond of Numberland that he made his 5th birthday a Numberland motto party, having his parents preparing his own Numberland stuff...

January 2015
Feature article on 'Let's visit Numberland' in British Mathematics Journal

The British Mathematical Association features 'Let's visit Numberland' in their Spring 2015 issue of 'Primary Mathematics', out now.
We feel honoured and a little bit proud that Numberland was even chosen for the front cover. Looking forward to what response might be triggered.

Gerhard Friedrich, Barbara Schindelhauer: 'Let’s visit Numberland - A highly emotive and efficient reason for reasoning in early numeracy' In: Primary Mathematics, volume 19, issue No. 1, pp. 13-16.
Download article


February 2014
Ready-made Numberland materials now available directly from UK supplier
Asco Educational has made the original German Numberland materials available on their website.  The high-end, motivating materials are called 'Willy's World of Numbers' and can be freely combined. However, it is all optional as everything or parts can also be self-made.

January 2014
New E-Book Features Innovative Early Literacy Approaches - including 'Let's visit Numberland'

Finally published for immediate (free) download: The e-book Prepare for Life! Raising Awareness for Early Literacy Education (PDF) is the result of the same-titled international expert conference that took place in March 2013 in Leipzig.

Gerhard Friedrich, Barbara Schindelhauer (2014). Let’s visit Numberland: An Emotive, Story-based Contribution to Numeracy and Literacy Development.
In: Jörg F. Maas, Simone C. Emig, Carolin Seelmann (eds.). Prepare for Life! Raising Awareness for Early Literacy Education. Results and Implications of the International Conference of Experts 2013. Stiftung Lesen 2014 (pp. 79-85)

January 2014

Numberland Session on BCME8/ ATM conference in Nottingham, UK, April 14-17, 2014

The details of the conference of the British Congress of Math Education (BCME8) and Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM) in Nottingham are now available.
The Session on Let's visit Numberland will be on Wednesday, 16 April 2014, 14:15-15:45 (H1), addressing EYFS and KS1. We look forward to interesting exchange of thoughts.


October 2013

Schools meet at Cheltenham, UK, to discuss Numberland - children and teachers loved it
For more than a year now, Numberland has been part of the reception class curriculum in various reception classes at primary schools throughout the UK. On a recent meeting at Swindon Village Primary School in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, teachers learned more about the concept and exchanged thoughts and experiences. In addition, Barbara Schindelhauer took 80 enthused children of different Cheltenham schools to Numberland.

Reception class teacher Alix Cleary: 'It has been fantastic. The results are clear.'

Barbara Schindelhauer: 'The response both from children and teachers was overwhelming! We had so much fun and the teachers could hardly believe how really all children got into it. I could imagine and do hope that this is the beginning of a wonderful cooperation.'

August 2013
Numberland session on math conference in Nottingham, UK in April 2014
We look forward to presenting 'Let's visit Numberland' on the British Congress of Math Education (BCME8) and Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM) conference. This will take place at the University of Nottingham from April 14 to 17, 2014. Within the session we will outline the concept and the experiences of UK based reception classes.

March 2013
Numberland to be presented on international conference on early literacy
Due to the holistic contribution to early numeracy and literacy,we have been invited to present 'Let's visit Numberland' on the international conference  „Prepare for life! Raising awareness for early literacy education“, hosted by Stiftung Lesen and the Goethe Institute.

January 2013
Numberland book to be re-printed again
The German handbook 'Komm mit ins Zahlenland' is to be reprinted again by Herder Verlag. The book will then have reached 45.500 copies since its first publication in 2004 and revision in 2011.

November 2012
First Numberland project in Turkey
A school in Istanbul adapted the concept for both their Turkish and Armenian children and is very happy with the results.

August 2012
First Numberland training in Texas
Carola Hauer-Berry, teacher at the Christian Child Development Center, Lewisville, Texas (USA), shared her experiences of two years working with Numberland in a training to 60 pre-K and kindergarten teachers. She inspired her audience as shown in their feedback and that some of them started using Numberland right away.

June 2012
Hebrew Numberland website online
Zilla Lemberger Freedman, owner of a math school and working with Numberland, joined our team to promote the concept to teachers in Israel.

May 2012
Numberland life in Estonia
On invitation by Reeli Tänavsuu, head of a preschool/kindergarten in Pärnu/Estonia, Barbara had the chance to visit two preschools in Estonia and to experience with how much enthusiasm and success teachers and children alike realise Numberland respectively 'Lähme Arvumaale'. A group of three to four year old children visited Number Three with breathless concentration and managed Number Lane from 0 to 5. In the other institution, 5year olds entered Numberland by singing the Numberland song and accompanied by her teacher on the piano. They visited Number 5 and joined her birthday party.


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November 2017