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Let'svisitNumberlandLet's visit Numberland - playfully discover the world of numbers

Gerhard Friedrich, Viola de Galgóczy, Barbara Schindelhauer

Based on seven years of practice and the original German book by the same authors. Hands-on guide providing all background information for planning and realizing Numberland for individual needs:

   -   Theoretical background
   -   Hands on ideas for the material
   -   Tips on how to go about it
   -   Suggestions for the schedule.
   -   Tales and number specific ideas
   -   Ideas for cross-curricular activities
   -   Songs (with lyrics and music).

80 coloured pages with CD (songs with text, additional playback versions), with many pictures and illustrations.

Published by ifvl 2010ISBN-13: 978-3000315091.

 +  Free bonus material such as colouring pages for the Book of Numbers as pdf-file

As a bonus, you will receive free bonus material as pdf-file such as cheerful colouring pages you may use for the Book of Numbers.

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