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We much enjoy sharing the Numberland idea because it is an exciting concept with proven results, both scientifically and from the field. It allows a wide scope and covers many areas.

Numberland as a very intuitive and open concept values the knowledge and creativity of teachers - and children.  There is no strict curriculum to follow, rather a red thread.

Thus, planning and realising a Numberland project or integrating the concept into the term activities, is not difficult though may appear complex. In our handbook we make many suggestions on how to get started (which is the hardest part) and how to go about Numberland.

We also offer hands-on trainings on Numberland, providing a thorough understanding of the concept and lots of ideas. The trainings can be designed to your individual needs.

Everyone on our contact list is independent from 'Let's visit Numberland' but approached us to share their positive and practical experiences with Numberland in their countries.

Please contact Barbara or someone else on our contact list in the country relevant to you to discuss what you may need and we can work something out. Or if you just have a question.

For sure, we all love travelling, also outside Numberland...

Contact us

Barbara Schindelhauer
Am Rosengarten 13, 79183 Waldkirch, Germany
Phone +49-7681-4937176

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Numberland trainings coming up in 2017

Thursday, June 15   
Strathmore Infant & Nursery School, SG5 1XR Hitchin
10 - 12:30am

Friday, June 16
Tetsworth, Buckinghamshire
(no details yet)

Monday, June 19
(no details yet)

... or any time / location you wish. Let's work it out!

If interested, please email

What teachers say about our trainings

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(The pictures were taken at a training for the Longridge Cluster, UK, in June 2016)